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Last night I made two batches of my famous Noah Bedoahs for the winners of my Facebook “Like” contest. Tonight I packaged them up and thought it would be a good idea to document my process. If the cookies make it to the winners in one piece then follow the directions below. If they don’t, then go to Martha Stewart’s website. I’m sure her time in the slammer has made her an expert on packaging and smuggling things to the outside world.

Find a container that fits the cookies correctly. This will help save on the material you need to use to prevent the cookies from sliding around inside the cookie container.

Put a layer of bubble wrap (click here to pop some bubble wrap online!) in the bottom and up the sides of the container.

Cover the bubble wrap with parchment paper (or wax paper I suppose) and place your first row of cookies.

Repeat the process, much like lasagna, with bubble wrap and parchment paper.

Add bubble wrap to finish it off and ensure the cookies are packaged very snugly.

If the container is not air tight then use tape to seal it shut.

Find a box that is at least 2 inches larger than your cookie container, all the way around.

Surround the cookie container with bubble wrap on all sides, including top and bottom. If you don’t have bubble wrap you can use other materials, such as plastic bags or old wrapping paper.

Before you seal up the box do the shake test. If you shake the box (not too hard) and can hear or feel the cookie container move then you need to add more bubble wrap.

Be sure to include a nice note to your recipient, unless you’re stalking them. If stalking, be sure to include that photo you took of them in the shower when you were hiding in the bushes outside their house. You weirdo.

Note: Crisp, shortbread type cookies will ship very well. Since they are already hard you don’t have to worry about them drying out during the shipping process. Heavy bar cookies or brownies also hold up well when shipped.  If shipping softer cookies wrap groups of them in plastic wrap to help retain their moisture.