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For those of you who know me personally, you know that my idea of a good time is making sure all the papers on my desk are at right angles and the decorations hanging on my walls are symmetrical. I like things neat and orderly. I like systems and structure. It’s one reason why I enjoy baking and following the measurements in a recipe. I owe this borderline OCD to my father. I was raised by a man who would come home every day and take a “tour” of the house. The pillows on the couch needed to be exactly the same distance away from the center cushion seam. All of the doors to the rooms needed to be completely open with the door knobs touching the walls. The magnets on the refrigerator needed to be properly spaced and completely level. And to this day, when making his weekly to-do list he always writes “Make new list” under Friday, and when he makes his new list on Friday he crosses off “Make new list” on his old list before throwing it away. So the fact that my baking supplies got to be so unorganized is totally unacceptable!

I love, love, LOVE, before and after shows ā€“ especially Extreme Makeover. Not the home one, the one where they butchered the crap out of ugly people to increase their self esteem. That show was the ultimate in soul-less human exploitation. Ryan Seacrest probably had something to do with it. Anyways, here are my ugly “before” pictures:

It hadn’t reached Hoarder levels, but it was well on its way.

After measuring the shelves in the closet I went to Hobby Lobby and found some nice plastic storage drawers and red bins. I purchased looked at a lot of other stuff at Hobby Lobby too. That place is dangerous. After the little guy went to bed I fixed myself a drink and put on one of my favorite movies.

Yes, that’s a White Russian in a stem-less red wine glass. No, I don’t care that you’re judging me. The Dude abides.

The kitchen table after emptying everything out of the closet. Jesus, Joseph and Mary in Tinsel Town! What did I get myself into?

I was only half way through this ordeal when they were scattering Donny’s ashes so I realized I was going to need another movie to get me to the finish line. I developed a little crush on President Obama after watching that clip of him singing Al Green (I don’t care if you’re a Democrat or a Republican, the man is smoove). So I thought The American President would be a nice tribute to my POTUSphilia.

I found this comically huge rocks glass tucked in the way back of one of the cabinets. I think it’s actually a fancy ice bucket, but at this point I considered using it for my next White Russian. Too bad I didn’t have any giant ice cubes! I finished organizing about halfway through the movie. I learned that I have way too much sweetened and condensed milk in the house and Annette Bening has some seriously well toned delts. Maybe if my arms looked that good I could dance with the President. The Secret Service is probably monitoring my blog now. Yay for more page views!

So, the moment you’ve been waiting for. The gratuitous “after” pictures:

I LOVE IT! All of my sugars are in the same bin, organized from darkest to lightest. My semi-sweet chocolate chips are in one drawer (mini, regular and chunks) and my non-semi-sweet chocolate chips are in another drawer. All of my candy-making supplies are together again, and my candy molds are neatly stacked. Now it will be easy for me to take a quick inventory of my supplies before I go grocery shopping so I won’t end up with mass amounts of sweetened and condensed milk ever again! Do you have any organizational tips? Share them with me please!