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I made the mistake of grocery shopping on a Saturday. I don’t like crowds because it seems like there is always someone looking at the same exact thing I want to look at. Or I start looking at it and then 10 more people have to stand uncomfortably close to me and look at it too, or there’s a stock boy whose cart is parked directly in front of the thing I want to look at. Every aisle in the store will be empty, except for the one tiny spot in the one aisle I need to be in. If I die and go to Hell (fingers crossed that I don’t!), every week will be the same thing:

Mon/Wed/Fri – people looking at the same stuff I want to look at in every aisle of Satan’s grocery store – I imagine it would be called “Un-SafeWay” or “Pick ‘n’ Slave” for Wisconsinites.

Tues/Thurs – being forced to stand behind old people and teach them how to use eBay *and* I’m not allowed to reach over them to take control of the mouse or keyboard

Sat/Sun – watching my favorite movie while someone behind me kicks my seat, chews loudly and slurps their soup

Why would someone be eating soup in a movie theater? It’s Hell – that’s why.

So there I was, at the grocery store on a busy Saturday. I stopped in the baking aisle (of course) and started to look at the dessert kits for my next dessert kit review. Of course, three other people had to stand right next to me. One person even hit me in the ass with their shopping cart…and didn’t apologize! So I grabbed the box closest to me and ran away screaming (ok, not screaming, but slightly irritated). Then, as I continued through the store, I thought I’d pick up a container of Cool Whip to go with the bars. Again, two people were directly behind me pushing their shopping carts like it was a chase scene from Bullitt (Google it, young folk), so in one fluid, semi-graceful movement, I reached into the freezer, grabbed a tub of Cool Whip, threw it in my cart and burned rubber to get the hell out of there. By the time I reached the front of the store I discovered I had grabbed Fat Free Cool Whip. Oh, the horror…the horror. I looked back at the freezer section, which was on the other end of the store, and realized it was too late to turn back. I knew there would be grocery zombies waiting for me in that aisle, so I just checked out and hoped for the best.

The kit was super easy. All you need is butter and a mixing bowl. Mix the butter with the crust/topping packet. Press half of it into a greased 8×8 dish, bake for a bit, add the raspberry filling, cover with the rest of the topping mix and bake again until bubbly.

Here it is. Hot out of the oven. Not too impressive looking, but it smelled really good.

The bars were good, but the topping/crust was a little bland. I prefer my home made crisp recipe that I used for my Cherry Crisp Cups. And the big shocker? The fat free Cool Whip was great! It had a slightly different consistency from normal Cool Whip (you might be able to tell in the photos), but it didn’t taste that much different. If I learned anything from this experience, it’s that being pressured by other people to make a quick decision can have wonderful results – except when cocaine is involved. If you find yourself in that situation maybe you should spend more time standing next to me in the freezer aisle looking at Cool Whip.

Easy Peasy Rating: 5 out of 5

Taste Rating: 3 out of 5