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I tried So You Think You Can Dance tonight.  Honestly, the title should be written “So YOU think YOU Can Dance?  HAHAHAHA!”  I can’t dance.  I never said I COULD dance.  But they made me dance anyway.  I’m glad my husband was at work because I think even our dog was laughing at me tonight.  There is a hip hop dance taught by some guy named Tweeter or Twitch or something.  Then a jazz number taught by a girl who spells her name Katee (gag), and a Latin dance taught by a guy who reminded me of Diego — a male stripper from my days at the Sugar Shack.

Each instructor taught the dance to me individually and in parts, and then they’d invite all their brightly dressed friends back to the screen and we’d do the dance together set to music.  The best part was the Twitch guy who would start off talking all gangster and then switch to proper physiology verbiage by saying, “Yo, yo, yo!  We gonna be doin’ some serious hip hop shiiizzznit up in dis hizz-ouse!!!  But make sure you bend at the waist to engage your abdominal muscles, ok?”

It was an ok workout.  I was sweating and my heart was beating, but it was by no means an intense cardio workout.

AMOM Rating: 5 out of 10