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So I put the Jillian Michaels video in the DVD player and I kid you not, it started to shake.  I checked the disc and it was in perfect condition.  The problem?  Jillian Michaels also scares the @#!% out of my DVD player.

She does this circuit training thing that consists of 3 minutes of strength training with weights, 2 minutes of cardio and 1 minute of abs.  And then she repeats that circuit two more times.  It was a hard workout but not unbearable.  I was sweating and my heart was pumping, but I could keep up for most of it.

A quick rundown of the pros and cons:

Pros:  Good, sweat producing workout that targeted most of the major muscle groups.  The switching from cardio to strength to abs allowed a little bit of rest before I had to do more cardio.

Cons:  I don’t like her as much as Bob, and the example people are two hot ladies (boo for self-esteem).  Oh, and when she was doing hip circles they zoomed in really close on the pelvis of one of the example ladies.  Really?  Do I really need to be 2 inches away from the chick’s belly button to figure out how to do a hip circle?  The producer of the video must be a dude.

AMOM Rating: 6 out of 10