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After reading way too many posts from my male friends about their precious fantasy football drafts I decided there needed to be an alternative to fantasy football this year.  You know, for the ladies (and gentlemen) who watch football, but only care about the important stuff — football players butts and how they look in their tight uniform pants.

Each week I’ll pit two fine football butts against each other, with the winner going on to the playoffs.  The winner each week will be based on how many votes each butt gets in the comments section.  The best two butts will obviously go on to compete in the SUPER BUTT, and the winner will be awarded the “Vince Lom-butt-i Trophy”.  Enjoy!


Eli Manning of the New York Giants

is taking on

Troy Aikman, formerly of the Dallas Cowboys

They’ve both won some Super Bowls and thrown the ball really far a bunch of times, but really, who gives a shit?  Look at those asses!  If you want your favorite to make it to the playoffs be sure to vote in the comments section below!