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Well, ladies, you sent Troy Aikman back to where he belongs.  In a trailer outside the studio where they film Rent-a-Center commercials.  It probably wasn’t fair to pit him against a newer player, but he is a legend, and the reason why all the cool kids in school wore Dallas Cowboys Starter jackets, so I thought he’d have a chance.  Butt, it looks like Eli Manning will advance to the Butt-offs!

Now, on to the next match kittens!  This week, the Saint, Tim Tebow of the New York Jets

OHMYGOD…Look at those arms!!  How heavy is the Bible he reads every night?!

goes up against the New Orleans Saint’s Drew Brees

Will having Jesus in his corner allow Tebow to win?  Did you think the same thing I did when you saw the towel in front of Drew’s loins?  So many questions!

Vote for your favorite butt in the comments section!  The winner will advance to the Butt-offs!