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Well, well, well…it’s a tie. Apparently you harlots decided to leave me with making the final decision. Thanks. Now I have to decide between the snide quarterback from the Bears – my home team’s most hated rivals. Or the pretty boy quarterback from the Cowboys who dated Jessica “buffalo wings” Simpson. This is Fantasy BUTT League so based on butts, and butts alone, I’m gonna have to give it to Cutler. Ugh…I think I threw up a little in my mouth.

This week I decided to go with a “butts in mid-air” theme. I think judging standing butts was getting to be too easy, so get ready, because this week…

Hank Baskett Jr. (aka Mr. Kendra Wilkinson) formerly of the Philadelphia Eagles

takes on Kellen Winslow of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers…and this guy.

After this week there will be two more match ups and then we move on to the Butt Offs! Be sure to vote for your favorite in the comments section.